palma de mallorca


Residents of Apartment Building

Torre Palma de Mallorca, Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic

Residential, Parking


The Challenge

Convince all the residents of an apartment building to accept the use of new materials that eventhough are more expensive to traditional materials are far more efective and in the long run are more durable.

The Solution

The old roof was replaced by a lightweight trans lucid material offering a cooler environment and the permeability of natural light. With the implementation of Polycarbonate Sheets we were able to minimize the heat the vehicles were exposed to. 


Existing structure was based on Corrugated Aluminun Sheets on tubular beams that did not comply to the specifications needed thus ultimately bending and corroding to a point that it started leaking and damaging the car’s paint.


The use of new materials to the market like these Policarbonate Sheets are an excelent choice for roofs like these. They offer a significant amout of heat reduction while allowing the permeability of natural light.


The old structure was reinforced with new steel rectangular beams. The poles were reinforced with new anchor points and the Policarbonate Sheets were installed using stainless steel fasteners.


Reduction in heat


Increase in light

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result


Special Coating

The new metal beams were coated with a special paint that prevents corrosion thus extending their lifespan.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

In addition to removing all the old metal structure, new additional beams were added to prevent the material from sagging in the middle preventing the formation of puddles and ultimately eliminating the possibility of the filtration of water.

Long Lifespan

The use of these materials are highly recommended because of their long lifespan and manufacturer guarantee.