home business centre


We were tasked to create a special room dedicated to a specific client services branch. This space was to be a focus point within a call center production floor. The use of floating glass panes, and the way the lighting was designed created certain visuals that turned the space into center stage.


Existing structure was based on Corrugated Aluminun Sheets on tubular beams that did not comply to the specifications needed thus ultimately bending and corroding to a point that it started leaking and damaging the car’s paint.


The use of new materials to the market like these Policarbonate Sheets are an excelent choice for roofs like these. They offer a significant amout of heat reduction while allowing the permeability of natural light.


The old structure was reinforced with new steel rectangular beams. The poles were reinforced with new anchor points and the Policarbonate Sheets were installed using stainless steel fasteners.