brother call center

The Challenge

24 HOUR DEADLINE – We had to design, model and render several spaces for a call center proposal.

The Solution

We took into consideration the branding and overall aesthetic to ensure an ideal cohesive space that was true to the brand. We had the advantage of having a similar mindset and divided to work amongst ourselves and one of our colleagues over at PlanosRD to ensure that we make the deadline.


The reception was conceived with the idea of having this large open space that was warm and welcoming to the user. Branding was subtle yet present and the lighting was designed to be as cozy as possible without loosing the business aspect of the space.


Due to the nature of the business, there were specific needs the client needed. One of them was the design of a space dedicated to special services within the business. This meant that there should be a space dedicated to hand sensitive cases and should be excluded from the hustle and bustle of the main floor space. The space was designed in such a was that the manager can keep a watchful eye on the agents as they handle their cases.


Keeping in check certain specifics required by the client we went ahead with a modern, clean, industrial look and feel for the main production floor keeping in mind the aesthetics of the brand. There are two main walls that have certain design elements that reflect the design concept adding to the overall experience. Natural lighting is a must in these spaces, thus leaving a whole wall with floor to ceiling glass panes as the main source for natural light.




Amazing Result



Branding was key when designing the spaces. We had to ensure that the image was present in all aspects of the design.


Warm indirect lighting was one of the main features that made the space feel welcoming. Natural light was also a factor that completed the space.


Large glass panes and granite add aspects of luxury to the space while providing a longer lifespan than other conventional material.